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Adam Donaldson founded Demand Economics in 2012 to help clients objectively understand how to optimise production to maximise net incomes both in terms of defining top line growth opportunities and through cost minimisation. Additionally, Adam has run Data Science and AI teams and provides Cloud database solutions supported with native mobile app creation for clients.


With an M.Sc. (Hons) Distinction in Ag. Economics together with quantitative marketing, economics and strategy consulting roles at KPMG, PA Consulting, Druid, Logica, Nielsen and Publicis Groupe, Adam has worked extensively with clients in Agriculture, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, Engineering and with a range of Small Businesses - always focussed on immediately driving value into clients.

About Demand Economics

Our Work Philosophy

Working with a small number or trusted associates, we take a quantitative approach to help our clients. For production optimisation, cost minimisation and marketing ROI optimisation the fundamental modelling techniques are the same although not often applied outside of large multinationals. One of the driving principles of Demand Economics is to make these highly effective techniques accessible for all businesses - whether individual farms or engineering factories.

In a similar vein we make use of recently available 'low code' platforms to drive highly effective and cost efficient process automation for small businesses. These platforms also pertain to driving system enabled process improvements within small businesses in particular, where our work has driven 50% to 80% efficiency gains - all undertaken with decades of change management experience.

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